At CASA GIRELLI the team of winemakers and winery specialists guarantee consistent top quality, working on the entire supply chain, from selection in the vineyards to bottling.

The marketing team deals with ‘giving voice’ to each type of wine, communicating its personality and making consumers aware of the story and quality behind every bottle.

An impressive set of facilities is involved in the process, from the 95k HL of the owned winery to the many fermenting and bottling partners in areas where the appellation DOC/DOCG requires that all operations be carried out in the same place.

Only tailor made

For half a century CASA GIRELLI has been helping the best wine designers of the world to turn their ideas into delicious wines.

This involves shaping a project or even a dream day by day from the vineyard to the bottle, following every indication and caring about every detail in order to deliver a bespoke product.

Lifetime experience, an excellent team, the best wines and a network of suppliers for any solution.